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How to do background checks on your landlord

July 13, 2022

How to do background checks on your landlord

Finding the perfect apartment is easy and it is followed by the long legal process of application, approval and putting down the signature on a leasing agreement. If you love the home and neighbourhood do you really have to think twice about signing the agreement? The right answer should be a yes; you should first have enough information on the property manager or the landlord before you make any decisions. The rent is the biggest payment you will make each month and it is only right you get to know the owner before you commit yourself. Make sure that you have enough money when looking to rent, as unexpected bills can add up fast.

Check out your landlord’s reputation with these 5 easy steps before you sign your lease agreement

Use Google

This is the fastest way of getting information about your landlord or property manager. You can find out simple information and misdeeds by just a simple search of the name of the company they work with. For more information, you can input the address of the property. Check out the reviews of current and past renters online. Some sites will let past tenants review their property managers or landlords, and here you will get information on how they worked together in the past.

Search for them in public records

Agencies and local governments offer free public information about the landlords and property managers in the area. You can use this platform to check out your potential landlord before any deals. You can get access to these records through the county courthouse. It’s simple; all you have to do is search the name, address and company that work with the manager. The owner of the building may not necessarily be the property manager. Use this opportunity to search for court settlements, code violations on the property, the foreclosure proceedings, evictions and other issues in the property. All these should be a warning and keep you on your toes about signing the agreement.

Talk to your future neighbours

If you have decided on an apartment complex to move it, it is probably best that you walk around and check out the environment first. You may stumble across several tenants who may be willing to give you the lowdown of the area. You can start a conversation and ask information on their experience of living in the area. Any mention of a renewed lease is a good sign. it means that the people are comfortable living in that space and there is a high chance they work well with the landlord. Get information on how the complaints by the tenants are handled.

Interview the property manager or landlord

Sometimes, the best way to know more about the property manager is to ask for a one on one interview. Speaking to them directly will give you more information about their character and how they relate with their tenants. The best way to go about it is to ask professional questions about the living environment. Ask questions that relate to security, regulations, repairs and the living space you are about to move in to. when you have done all the necessary research, you can trust your gut and move into the area if it seems fit. If you are looking to sell your home, here are some reasons to make it more profitable.